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Nomidol – a cream from a fungus of feet and nails with natural structure and fast action. H has strict contraindications and has received high marks from doctors and as a reliable aid in infectious disease, and as an excellent prophylaxis of the fungus.


Valgu-correct is a special lining that will prevent the spread of the disease in the cone in the region of the thumb. In the event that the patch is worn constantly, it will allow:
the curved joint will be in its originally correct position;
avoid the appearance of corns;
with considerable deformation, eliminate any unpleasant sensations during walking;
when walking, the fatigue of the legs is significantly reduced;
a painful cone is protected from shoes, especially if the calluses are often formed due to tight shoes;
to reduce the load on the joint affected by the disease.


Arthrolon is an analgesic cream, the formulation of which was developed jointly by physicians and technologists. It effectively eliminates the focus of pain. The agent can be used for diseases of the back, joints. A unique complex of ingredients removes inflammation, swelling, pain. A special formula provides treatment for most diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
The drug is effective not only for the treatment of joints. It can also be applied to the skin after injuries, bumps, bruises. The systematic use of the drug serves to prevent pathological changes in the joints, so that the musculoskeletal system can be kept healthy for a long time.
Those suffering from osteochondrosis noted a decrease in muscle pain and recovery of joint mobility as a result of the use of the cream.


Bioretin – the main female ally in the fight against aging, wrinkles, dark circles, age spots, sagging and dryness. The mask tool worked more than 10 years. Unique formula is selected on the basis of the synergistic effects includes extracts of Golden kelp, rosemary, oil and red palm. The manufacturer certifies that the products are suitable for women aged 30 years and the first results you will notice after 2-3 applications.

NikoStop Antistress

NikoStop Antistress is an innovative drop against Smoking, this is a real opportunity to get rid of addiction in such a short period as 28 days, and to let go of the thoughts about cigarettes forever.
Drops Smoking NikoStop Antistress aims to get rid of the psychological causes of dependence, which causes different diseases of the lung and bronchus.
The tool is intended to deal with completely different diseases that have arisen in the consumption of tobacco by man.
If you suffer from shortness of breath, massively hair fall, frequent chest pain, you began to get sick more often than before, your breath is no longer fresh, it is time for you to begin the drops.

Royal Gold Mask

Royal Gold Mask is an innovative mask to rejuvenate skin created on the basis of gold nanoparticles, seaweed, extract of lingonberry leaves and other components whose properties make it possible to stop aging of the epidermis, to give it smoothness and elasticity, restore appearance.
Formula mask Royal Gold Mask with the effect of rejuvenation and healing of the epidermis was developed in the course of numerous dermatological research and testing. As a result of the testing tool has got everything you need in this area, licenses and certificates, and was also praised for cosmetologists and consumers.

Royal Black Mask

Royal Black Mask is a cream mask for the face, cleansing and healing the skin of any type. Beauticians appreciated the quality and efficiency Royal Black Mask highlighting the following advantages:
deep penetration into the pores of the skin and proper cleansing from the inside;
removal of blackheads, acne and greasy dermis of the face;
healthy skin, giving it smoothness and elasticity;
the sedative properties of the mask, removal of redness, inflammation and irritation;
the narrowing of the pores, which hinders the penetration of contaminants;
moisturizing and softening the skin.
The tool successfully passed all necessary clinical tests and trials, compliance with the strict rules dermatological control. According to studies 91% of those who took part in testing of the mask, noted the positive results already after the first use. After 14 days of regular use, 84% of the test persons disappeared acne, blackheads, irritation and inflammation and improved the skin’s appearance. Over a month of testing the skin, 93% of the participants completely recovered and purified, has acquired elasticity, smoothness and healthy colour.


Ostelife effectively treats low back pain, pain in the joints and back. Is an innovative design of modern scientists. Used in preventive and curative purposes in the struggle with different kinds of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.
Cream joint pain Ostelife is characterized by a wide range of therapeutic effects. The drug is used to treat a number of diseases, including pathological changes in cartilage and joints with different degrees of development, diseases of the muscular system. This tool is invaluable in the medicine Cabinet for home use.


Varyforte is a cream for the treatment of varicose veins. Its easy and simple to use at home as effective tool that is able to solve the problem of varicose veins without surgery. Regular use of this tool allows you to get rid of heaviness in the legs, swelling, protruding veins and capillaries, and from the effect of the redness.
Varyforte is an effective remedy for those women who frequently wear high heels. Thanks to the use of the most modern technologies in the manufacture and natural ingredients, the cream does not allow the disease to return.


New biological fungus cream on feet Fungalor was formed according to the patented composition, and includes the private part of purely natural components and also need to improve cover. The fungus is a complex disease that can be treated quite difficult.Fungalor can help to control disease fungal infection of the nails, including severe.New biological fungus cream on feet Fungalor appears to be a safe substance in its composition there are no elements that has no chance to affect health. Always components safe natural, so product is made take into account all medical measurements.