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DR Extenda

DR Extenda — natural drug enhancing sexual activity in men. The tool can be used for various problems with potency, decreased libido, and frequent stress and fatigue that interfere with normal intimate life.

Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca – a plant with medicinal properties, which can be found in a mountainous area on the territory of Latin America. The main effect of powder produced from the root of the herb is increased potency and activity (both physical and mental).

Atlant Gel

Atlant Gel increases the length of the penis, after 30 regular use provides 100% effect. The procedure is repeated 1 time a day. With every application, increases blood filling the corpus cavernosum, thereby improving erection, intensifies sensitivity. The visible effect is seen in 14 regular application. The sexual act increases, strengthens and stabiliziruemost erection, restores the immune defense and the synthesis of testosterone. Without surgery length of the penis increases by 30-40 mm, the effect persists after discontinuation of use of the drug.
100% effect was confirmed in clinical trials conducted by experts from Germany, also positive feedback from patients who tested the drug on themselves. The cream is not harmful to health due to its natural composition, chemical components are missing.

Titan Premium

Unfortunately, a lot of male often have to state the fact that they suffer from too small penis. This disease, as suggested by the majority, provoked by the anatomical features of the body, in which there is a very small number of substances and minerals. To solve the current problem, profile the doctors and cosmetologists have created a fundamentally new product – cream Titan Premium, whose mission is to increase size of the penis. This development to date has no analogues in the world.


Men’s drop El-Macho — effective means to enhance potency and muscle building. According to the manufacturer, using these drops, you can achieve persistent erection, solve problems with sexual function and to provide efficient, fast set of muscles. But whether such statements correspond to reality? Help drop El-Macho muscle-building? Try to understand, after analyzing all the features, advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Penilux Gel

Cream “Penilux Gel” is an effective means for penis enlargement that helps to give the desired penis size. It has a great impact on male potency, increases libido. “Penilux Gel” helps to improve the intimate life of both partners and gives sexual intercourse duration. Regular use of this tool provides a stunning effect.


Pills Erogan help a lot of men, since prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction and guarantees a strong potency. At least, so stated in the annotation to the tool. But as is the case in reality? Let’s try to understand this question, why study the composition of the drug Erogan, its indications and contraindications, principles of operation, application instructions, and real reviews of doctors and patients.


The drug MachoMan is the best means to combat erectile disorders in men. Its advantage among other drugs it is easy to see, because he has unique abilities quickly, and most importantly, safely getting rid of problems of an intimate nature. This spray was designed specifically to improve erections, increase potency, enhance of pleasant sensations, and to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. First developed and patented in Germany, has all the certificates, confirming its quality and safety.

Hammer of Thor

Drops “Hammer of Thor” is a unique and useful tool for those men who wish to increase their potency. It will help to solve many problems in men sexually. The recipe for this funding was known in the time of the Vikings. Modern scientists used a unique knowledge of antiquity and with the help of modern technology, have created a unique and effective tool.

Maca Powder

Maca Powder for men is an exotic plant whose home is Latin America. Residents of the countries inhabiting this region noticed that herds of animals that eat, the Peruvian poppy plant in view of its spread on pastures, were stronger, more enduring and multiplied well.