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What is it?

Fulfix is a unique remedy for hair loss, consisting entirely of natural ingredients. Is the result of long research into the processes of loss and ageing of hair. Fulfix activates hair growth, stops hair loss and prevents graying of hair. Its nutrient elements will help to recover weak and damaged hair, give them an amazing thickness, smoothness and radiance.


In the serum includes the most useful hair substances, rare plants, rich in amino acids and vitamins. Fulfix contains: Gotu Kola. Unusual herbal plant found in only four places in the world. Has important medical value. Gotu Kola has long been used by Chinese and Indian healers contains lots of vitamins major groups. Impact on the health of hair by stimulating blood circulation in the hair follicles is more rapid growth. Gotu Kola also reduces inflammation of the hair capsules, eliminating the possibility of baldness. Heh Shou Wu. In China, the plant is a universal remedy for many ailments, in nature it is difficult to find. Contains antioxidants, is used to speed up hair growth and as a cure of hair loss. According to the research, allows to completely get rid of the problem of hair loss for a couple of months. Saw Palmetto. The plant has miraculous properties that can cure the most serious diseases. Since ancient times, its fruits are used as a treatment for alopecia. Stops the thinning of hair on the hormonal level, stimulates their growth. Siberian ginseng. Widely used in Chinese and Russian folk medicine, has a therapeutic effect on the scalp, accelerates hair growth in no less than three times. Magnesium. Relieves inflammation of hair follicles, eliminating the cause of baldness. Contributes to the enrichment and improvement of hair, improvement of their structure. Ginkgo Biloba. A unique tree that grows on our planet for millions of years. Contained in the plant elements contribute to the regeneration of the scalp, increase hair density. Grape seeds. Fatty acids to moisturize the scalp and prevent the process of slowing down hair growth. Nettle. Widely used in hair care products contains vitamins, potassium and magnesium. Helps stop hair loss, has long term impacts. Keratin. Gives hair Shine and protects them from external factors, retains moisture.

Instructions for use

Fulfix produced in serum-spray. Capacity – 50 ml., the Optimum frequency of application: 2-3 times a week. Application must be performed on a clean moist hair. Spraying a uniform layer, to 10 clicks, depending on length of hair. Pay special attention to the scalp. Does not require rinsing.

How it works?

Action Fulfix is carried out in three areas: stimulation of hair growth, recovery and slow aging. A mixture of nutrients allows the serum to protect the hair capsules reduces hair loss, activates growth and improves hair health. Affects the hair structure from the inside helps to get rid of section. Fulfix helps to get rid of bald spots, the appearance of gray hair. The tool is unique, allows for a relatively short period of time to grow strong and beautiful hair. Helps both women and men. Fulfix to the recognized standards of quality, has no side effects. Contains only natural components.


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