GO2 Antitox

GO2 Antitox
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What is it?

GO2 Antitox — natural syrup to get rid of the negative effects of Smoking. Problems associated with dysfunction of the respiratory, sooner or later begin to bother all smokers and persist for a long time, even after people lost the habit. Antitoxic drug helps to restore the normal functioning of the respiratory system and relieves persistent cough, shortness of breath and bronchospasm.


Despite the dangers of Smoking and the deplorable medical statistics, many people can not part with a cigarette, causing great harm to their own health. To minimize the toxic effects of nicotine and combustible resins, was developed by the drug GO2 Antitox, whose formula consists only of natural components. This formulation includes the following natural ingredients: extract of young shoots of pine — has a powerful cleansing effect on the bronchial pulmonary system, effectively combats signs of inflammation; eucalyptus leaves have bronchodilatory and expectorant properties, thus actively displays toxic compounds from the lung tissue; medicinal plant thyme in its composition contains thymol, which acts as a powerful antiseptic and is successfully coping with inflammatory changes in the lungs; the complex of ascorbic acid and copper — strengthens the immune system, protects vascular and bronchial wall from the influence of negative factors, neutralising the toxic effects of nicotine resins. The dosage of each active substance are selected so as to manifest a synergistic effect, in which formula components complement and reinforce each other. The result of this integrated effects is the quick release lungs from harmful compounds that have accumulated as a result of Smoking cigarettes.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use anti-toxic remedies are very simple and can easily be performed by anyone who care about their health. Immediately before use it is necessary to pour into a measuring Cup 10ml medicinal liquid and drink it before meals. Repeat the receiving the drug should be three times a day — before Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The duration of the course of treatment is determined in each case individually, depending on the experience of the smoker and the number of acquired complications.

How it works?

In the process of Smoking the human body is not only poisoned by nicotine, but also saturated with toxic resins, which primarily suffers from the respiratory system. Syrup GO2 Antitox effectively cleanse the lungs from harmful substances, and gives the patient the freedom to breathe and not suffer from bouts of coughing, choking and shortness of breath. The tool will be useful to those who have lost the habit, and those who have not yet decided to do so. In any case, after a course of therapy is deintoxication the lungs and the entire body, which has a positive effect on General health.


GO2 Antitox
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