Mangosteen Sirup

Mangosteen Sirup
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What is it?

“Mangosteen Sirup” is a unique tool for weight loss, which contains in its composition only natural ingredients. According to the manufacturer’s promises and reviews have experienced the effect of the drug, for one month you can lose about 15 pounds overweight.


The main component of the syrup is actually a fruit. The maximum number of nutrients found only in fresh ripe fruits. Therefore, manufacturers have developed special technology that allows to save all useful components in the finished syrup. Fruits are collected and on the same day, processed into syrup. Thanks to careful thermal treatment, all trace elements and vitamins are preserved in their original form. The main value of mangosteen is that it includes a large amount of xanthones. These antioxidants are much more effective such "vitamins of beauty", as E and C. one fruit contains xanthones is almost 40 times greater than in an adult aloe plant. In addition, mangosteen contains such vitamins a, C, E, D, and also the whole complex of vitamins of group B. in Addition, the fruit is calcium, iron, phosphorus, catechins.

Instructions for use

Make the preparation simple and easy. You can follow the normal diet and before each Breakfast, lunch and dinner, drink half a teaspoon of syrup. You can add it to juice, water, yogurt, tea. If in between meals you will feel hunger, instead of the usual snack you can take one teaspoon of “Mangosteen Sirup”. Also one teaspoon of the drug can be taken before bed instead of eating.

How it works?

“Mangosteen Sirup” has on the body these impacts: 1.Controls appetite. You will be less hungry. Perhaps this is due to the synthesis of glycogen, which triggers the mangosteen. This component suppresses hunger and sends signals to the brain that you are full even after taking small portions of food. 2.Accelerates the metabolic processes that contributes to the intense process of losing weight. 3.Normalizes hormonal balance: a positive effect on all systems, including the endocrine. 4.Rejuvenates and cleanses of toxins the entire body. In the product contain antioxidants (xanthones) that slow down the aging process.


Mangosteen Sirup
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