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What is it?

Neofossen is a specialized Supplement for those who are dieting. This allows you to activate the mechanisms that lead to fat burning. Experts recommend the use of a dietary Supplement neopost, if you see:
excessive weight gain;
increased appetite;
improper digestive tract;
problems with concentration;
elevated levels of cholesterol in the body.
Despite a number of positive features, products may not be used by breast-feeding women, pregnant women or those who are allergic to those ingredients. It is highly recommended not to increase the recommended daily dose. The use of dietary Supplements also do not have to replace a full-fledged lifestyle. When you use the required balanced diet and regular exercise. Store products only in areas inaccessible to children.


The composition includes the following ingredients: Indian nettle; Garcinia Cambogia. Presented substances represent 60 percent of the total drug. All other ingredients including chromium and green coffee, allow you to enhance the action, making up the remaining 40 percent. In one pack there are forty capsules, which is enough for thirty days. Internet-shop "Called" potential buyers have the opportunity to purchase the products, within which there are 30 capsules. The main indications for the use of Cambodian Garcinia is a rich source of hydroxycitric acid, which contributes to protein and carbohydrate metabolism, fat metabolism in the body. The active ingredient prevents the generation of fatty tissues. Another active ingredient is the same as INDIAN FIREBOX (COLEUS FORKOHLII). With its help break down fat cells. Has a positive impact on the circulation of the blood, the normal amount of hormones in the thyroid gland.

Instructions for use

The drug should be taken two times a day two capsules. Optimal time of reception established by the dietician or fixed physician.

How it works?

The principle of operation takes place in several stages. Detoxification. Is a preliminary phase in which the components help the body eliminate harmful compounds. Weight reduction/fat breakdown. The body, being completely free, immediately switches to remove fat, resulting in weight is greatly reduced. Stabilization. The results achieved remain subject to the General stabilization of the organism as a whole. Guaranteed long-term result. Decrease fat intake. The reduction in the thickness of adipose tissue. It also has a positive effect on blood circulation and the detoxification process.


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