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PowerUp Premium
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What is it?

PowerUp Premium – capsules with a high content of amino acids for the growth of muscle mass in a short time. Manufacturers say that to use the useful properties of capsules can both successful athletes to increase endurance, and ordinary people to build an attractive body. The application recommendations enclosed in the PowerUp Premium package describe in detail the method of reception in both cases. Strictly following the instructions, you will notice how quickly you get fat and not dry, but with dry and strong muscles. Take the remedy simply, like regular capsules, the preparation of a drink is not required. The drug has been tested and has a quality certificate.


PowerUp Premium includes only natural components. No chemical compounds and hormones PowerUp Premium contains. The composition of PowerUp Premium is presented: Sos-rm-2f A complex of amino acids. Have a unique property to restore the body after physical exertion. Vitamins. Replenishes the energy reserves in the body. Auxiliary components. Improve metabolism. Real reviews of PowerUp Premium are freely available on the official website of the manufacturer. Men are divided

Instructions for use

PowerUp Premium drug for muscle building is easy to use, but, before taking it, you should consult a specialist. The remedy is suitable for those who: He wants to build an ideal athletic, relief body with dry muscles and a minimum percentage of fat. He wants to surpass the results, possess powerful power and energy. It leads an active, full-bodied lifestyle and needs an additional source of increased energy and endurance for the whole day. Strives to preserve the result of quality muscles. Now consider how to use the tool: 2 capsules in the morning to drink on days when you do not exercise. 2 capsules 45 minutes prior to sports and 2 capsules 15-30 minutes after. The product is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, adolescence, with individual intolerance, serious and chronic diseases, it is advisable to discuss the use of an additive with a specialist. Do not combine the drug with alcohol, smoking, because the effectiveness will be significantly reduced. The product is suitable for combining with sports nutrition.

How it works?

PowerUp Premium for muscle mass is a carefully balanced additive that promotes quick and guaranteed achievement of the conceived. Regular use of the drug positively affects the increase in the volume of muscle mass, providing a truly effective recovery. Main Functions Revo Muscle: Reliable increase of power indicators. Increased stamina. Mild analgesic effect. Reduced fatigue even after heavy loads. Improvement of muscular memory. The correct growth of muscle mass. Increase productivity in training. Fat burning effect. Effective body contours.


PowerUp Premium
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