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Pro Engine Ultra
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What is it?

Pro Engine Ultra innovative additive for petrol and other automotive fuel, improve its functional characteristics. The unique composition ensures an easy operation of the engine, effectively cleans his camera and significantly extends the lifetime. If fuel quality is in doubt, the use of Pro Engine Ultra will help to avoid unpleasant consequences, and will protect the vehicle from possible damage.


As a result of long scientific researches, scientists have developed an original formula, based on the action of the special patented molecules GP. These tiny particles also known as "smart", as they are the true defenders, maintain the efficiency of internal combustion engines. Entering into interaction with the molecules of gasoline, diesel fuel or motor oil, particles GP cover the inner surface of the superfine metal magnetized film. This allows to significantly reduce friction of the components and engine parts and increase their wear resistance. In addition, the presence of molecules of GP has the following effects: the increase in octane number; purification of fuel supply systems; reduction in fuel consumption and engine oil up to 12%; the prevention of corrosion processes. Protective film is stored in the tank or engine for a long time, until the complete replacement of oil or fuel. The presence of mineral additives in any vehicle helps to improve the performance of all fuel systems, including carburetors, pumps and other important equipment. The service life of these units is markedly increased, whereby there is no need for their repair or complete replacement.

Instructions for use

To maximize the effectiveness of protective additives, you must adhere to certain rules in its application. To use the product immediately before filling of the fuel, which container's contents piped to the fuel tank cap by means of a special dispenser. After this simple procedure you can fill the tank with fuel. For vehicles with small displacement such as a motorcycle or moped, it is sufficient to use only half of the cylinder. The remaining part of the product need to keep and fill after driving 5 thousand.

How it works?

When you find a fuel tank for a long time it begins to breed bacteria that contribute to formation of clots and suspensions. These formations gradually acquire refined products and soot, polluting the surface of the aggregates. Protective additive ProEngineUltra tears formed carbon bonds, which is manifested in the following: reducing deposited dirt; stop corrosion processes; removing deposits from the combustion chamber; more power with more efficient fuel consumption. All these effects are enough for the distance not less than 5 thousand km, what allows to minimize the maintenance cost of the vehicle and its repair.


Pro Engine Ultra
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