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What is it?

Prostaplast is brand new approach of Chinese developers to solve problems in urology. An innovative method is the production of plaster with components used for the treatment of male dysfunction healers of China since ancient times. With new tools to cope with common urogenital diseases in men (prostatitis, adenoma, erectile dysfunction).


All components of therapeutic agents of plant origin and the gifts of nature: Gem is two-pronged. Eliminates the symptoms of urolithiasis, the urine output. Camphor Borean. Stops the pain, improves blood circulation, eliminates inflammation. Corydalis. Tones, relieve. Cinnamon. Natural antiseptic. Kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, accelerates the blood flow. Restores potency. Safflower. Curative effect on the kidneys and prostate gland. Girshovich vaginal. Soothes, has antispasmodic action. Plantain. The General health of the urinary tract, normalizes blood circulation in the prostate.

Instructions for use

Applying the patch is very simple: To expose the umbilical area. Remove the protective film from one plate of the patch and stick on the prepared area. Not to take 2-3 days. After the specified time to peel off the patch and carefully wash the place of contact with the skin. For a day to rest the skin. Stick new item. Treatment requires 6-8 sticking plasters consistently according to instructions.

How it works?

Urological tool has multiple applications: To relieve pain, eliminate edema and spasms. Activation of metabolic processes in the prostate gland. Prevent the consequences of prostatitis. Destruction of microbial flora. The treatment of sexual dysfunctions. Healing qualities Prostaplast universal. For strong enough action one course. During this time, disappear pain, decreases inflammation. But for stable results experts recommend no less than 3 courses in 6-8 sessions. The effect of the patch is cumulative: 1-2 week of use. Scrotal pain disappear normalized diuretic function, leaving signs of inflammatory currents the urogenital area. 2-4 week. Cropped symptoms of diseases of the prostate, returns potency, completely removable inflammation. 4-6 week. Disappear renal complications (failure, nephritis, etc.). Therapy patch is a unique. Analogues it does not exist. Unlike drugs personalnogo use Prostaplast has no side effects and the harmful effects of chemistry on other bodies, as it is not used inside and has no synthetic components. The only contraindication may be individual intolerance of some components of a therapeutic agent.


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