Royal Gold Mask

Royal Gold Mask
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What is it?

Royal Gold Mask is an innovative mask to rejuvenate skin created on the basis of gold nanoparticles, seaweed, extract of lingonberry leaves and other components whose properties make it possible to stop aging of the epidermis, to give it smoothness and elasticity, restore appearance.
Formula mask Royal Gold Mask with the effect of rejuvenation and healing of the epidermis was developed in the course of numerous dermatological research and testing. As a result of the testing tool has got everything you need in this area, licenses and certificates, and was also praised for cosmetologists and consumers.


Part Royal Gold Mask includes the following components: gold nanoparticles; seaweed with high iodine content; acid hyaluronic; kaolin; collagen; extract of leaves of bilberry. The combination of these elements has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face, eliminates wrinkles, age spots, acne.

Instructions for use

The face should be thoroughly cleaned from cosmetics, perspiration and traces of various contaminants. Dry powder Royal Gold Mask diluted in a ratio of 2 parts medium to 1 part water. It is required to achieve consistency of the mask is like thick cream. It must be remembered that the resulting mixture hardens quickly, so the remedy should be quickly applied to the skin, evenly distributing all the problem areas. The mask is necessary to keep on the face for several minutes until it fully hardens, and its components will be absorbed in all layers of the epidermis. Then solidified, carefully remove the film flowing movements. After that the rest of wash with clean water. The mask Royal Gold Mask last 2 months of regular application to the face 2 times a week .

How it works?

The principle of operation Royal Gold Mask based on the properties of gold on activation of cellular respiration, which contributes to the intensity of gas exchange in the tissues. As a result, the skin is saturated with oxygen necessary for its tightening and smoothing volume. Thus accelerating the process of developing regenerative cells, which also promotes the presence of a mask of collagen. Seaweed nourishes the skin with various minerals and iodine, providing an antiseptic effect. With the help of hyaluronic acid increases protection of tissues against dehydration, achieved the necessary degree of elasticity. Kaolin purifies and tightens pores, normalizes the function of sebaceous glands, promotes the separation of dead tissues. Extract of leaves of bilberry has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions. Due to its composition mask Royal Gold Mask promotes the normalization of metabolic processes at the cellular level of skin tissue, smoothes wrinkles, removes age spots, acne rash, has disinfectant properties.


Royal Gold Mask
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