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What is it?

The problem of smoking is tried in many ways – whole motivational books are written that should help to quit smoking, a large number of nicotine-containing products replacing cigarettes are produced. But you can not abandon the habit of not everyone, the last cigarette is not, the smoker is after the new one. To successfully quit, you can start using Zerosmoke magnets.


The principle of action Zerosmoke was developed in the 50 years by the French neurologist Paul Noje, who investigated the influence of acupuncture points on health and human behavior. After it was determined that when exposed to the shen-men point in the auricle, it is possible to significantly reduce the craving for nicotine. After a long study of these acupuncture points, Zerosmoke magnets were developed, which became a salvage from smoking for many. After 2 paragraphs smoking The kit must include: biomagnets with gold plating (two pieces); complete instructions for use.

Instructions for use

Using magnets from smoking Zerosokm is quite simple: Wash and dry hands before installing magnets. Set biomagnets in the auricle in the area of ​​the shen-men point. A small magnet is placed on the inside, large - with the outside. Right-handers place magnets in the right ear, left-handed in the left. They need to be worn 2-4 hours every 24 hours. You can break up for 2 hours in the morning and 2 - in the evening. The desire to smoke completely disappears after a month of use. After that, you can refuse from further use.

How it works?

Biomagnets Zerosmoke simply attach to the ears. They do not cause any discomfort, do not leave punctures and other traces. They are very easy to use, and the effectiveness is confirmed by numerous positive reviews. Find a specialist in acupuncture, especially skilled, you can not in every city, and quit smoking is trying to anyone who once sat down. This tool quickly and painlessly solves the problem of smoking. The price for it will pay off less than a month, when you part with an addiction. Zerosmoke magnets act on the active zone in the auricle for as long as they are fixed. You can wear them for several hours without being distracted by unpleasant sensations or side effects. To forget about the dependence with such magnets is simple - in the beginning physical traction will disappear, and then psychological. The testimonies of those who could quit using magnets, say that there is no misery any more after a week. The clip in the ear is needed only in order not to accidentally break off and start smoking again. To order Zerosmoke, go to the manufacturer's website right now, the price of magnets pay off already in 2 weeks of giving up cigarettes!


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