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its-my-review is an independent site that hosts reviews from real people. All opinions are presented without embellishment, cheating or special financing, they show the most complete and real description of the activities of a particular Internet resource, company, pharmacy chain, etc. or the services they provide.

Its-my-review.com service began its activity in 2017, and since that time has managed to gain great popularity and trust from both ordinary users and large companies across the country. And all thanks to the fact that honest reviews can be posted on it, thereby not only promoting high-quality goods and services, but also helping people to form a clear idea about the activities of an online store, pharmacy, etc. And this, accordingly, allows suppliers to expand their customer base, and buyers to get the most objective opinion of customers about a company that has had time to deal with it.
Its-my-review.com team includes the best specialists aimed at the constant development of the resource, so all reviews are subject to mandatory moderation 24/7. All possible cases of slander, insults, artificial rating boost or deliberate reduction are monitored and removed as soon as possible. This approach allows you to get rid of false information that interferes with assessing the real picture. Therefore, everyone can only count on the assessment of the company or service that corresponds to reality.
The guys working on this resource strive to make it as perfect and up-to-date as possible, so they monitor the slightest changes in the network and try to constantly improve the service, making it not only more modern, but also more reliable. Their hard work certainly pays off, which is evident from the number of customers who regularly want to post their reviews on the site.


its-my-review has a long history of being highly reliable and up-to-date. That is why the leading companies of the country, clinics, well-known online stores cooperate with him. All currently available information on them is constantly checked and, if necessary, supplemented.
Each company or service, whose description is presented on its-my-review.com, strictly adheres to its promises and monitors its own reputation, therefore, official representatives resolve all conflicts or disputes, if any, in the shortest possible time.
At the same time, all data is placed not only for simple acquaintance.Regular visitors can leave their reviews, which will not only help potential customers form a well-covered opinion, but may well be useful to other users.

The mission of our team

its-my-review is an independent review site that lets you know exactly if a particular product or service is worth trusting. On this resource, it is possible to post reviews supported by photos or videos that will confirm the statement of the user who wants to share his opinion about the product or situation. Thus, any person will not only get a complete picture of the work of the company, network or site, but will also be able to visually see the information that they are trying to convey.
Customers of the service leave real reviews every day, thanks to which anyone will receive the most accurate and extensive description of a company that produces drugs, a web page that sells wholesale and retail, companies that provide people with interesting, innovative or simply useful services, and much more.