What is it?

Alkotox are drops that are able to get rid of alcoholism: it affects the psychological and physical levels.
Alcoholism has only one concept – an irresistible craving for alcoholic beverages. Sometimes, addicted people find it difficult to admit even to themselves that such an addiction takes place. The person drinks without stopping and continues to think that everything is in control. In fact, the situation looks bad enough.
Alkotox drops relieve cravings for alcohol, relieve various neurasthenic symptoms. The product helps to eliminate signs of body poisoning, relieves intoxication.
With Alkotox, your sleep will become better, weakness will go away, the recovery period will be easier and much faster.

Alkotox - Information
Name Alkotox
Official site www.Alkotox.com
Price 39$
Country of sale of goods UK, USA, India
Availability in pharmacies Not
Delivery speed 3-7 days
Available on Amazon? Not
Storage conditions Store in a dry place out of reach of children
Payment Cash or card upon receipt
Availability In stock
Structure 100% natural
Customer Reviews most positive


The general tone of the body will be strengthened due to the natural composition and plant extracts that are in the composition of the preparation. And vitamins will nourish and restore the state of the body, eliminating all the existing consequences of alcohol poisoning. Rejection will appear for alcohol due to the content of ink gray fungus in the drops. The ram is responsible for the mental state. Decrease in dependence is due to centaury. The action of the rest of the components is aimed at improving the condition of the internal organs and brain functions.
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Instructions for use

How often should you take it? Three times a day. One dosage is 8-10 drops at a time. Can be consumed with juice, compote, warm tea. The duration of the course is at least three months.


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  • Natural composition
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How it works?

The product is designed to cope with alcohol dependence, to minimize the risk of a possible relapse. The work of the active substances of the drops will help to develop an aversion to alcohol in the body, reduce psychological pressure and balance the nervous system. The damaged cells of the songs will be restored. Heavy salts will be removed from the body, cholesterol levels will decrease. It normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, supports the kidneys, and improves the functioning of the immune system. It has a positive effect on sexual health and restores self-confidence.

Indications for use

The optimized composition of the drug is able to ensure complete restoration of all functions of internal organs. Frequent binges and hangovers lead to the fact that the negative effect of alcohol intoxication on the body decreases. And it is much easier for a person to tolerate excessive amounts of alcohol. The drug can be used by people with chronic diseases.


There are no side effects. It is allowed to use it at retirement age.

Doctor's review

Methods such as coding and treatment in drug treatment clinics have long faded into the background. Today, there are many modern and effective ways to get rid of alcohol addiction that help relieve the patient of unhealthy cravings for alcohol. One such method is taking herbal medications such as Alkotox. Before taking drastic measures, I always prescribe this drug to my patients. This is often enough to allow the patient to quit the addiction on their own.


I could not even imagine my life without strong alcohol. Sometimes it even became scary. I clearly wanted to change everything, but I didnt have enough willpower. But there was no desire to fall to the bottom. When he lost his job, he started using Alkotox forcibly. Mom bought it for me. The treatment lasted for two months. And now, a year later, I did not touch the glass. Even in a company, I dont make an effort when someone drinks.
I couldnt even think that this nightmare would end. The husband has been drinking for seven years. And the last year has not washed down at all. He was going to file for divorce. He recovered a little and took treatment. Acquired Alkotox. Took a month and a half. Now he himself recalls that moment with horror and does not understand how he could behave this way.
I chose Alkotox. I have never regretted it. The drug can also be administered discreetly. The effect is fantastic. He refused vodka after the first intake. Only this is a little nauseous at first. But the result exceeds all expectations.


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Alkotox is a hoax?

No, this is not a hoax. We have checked this service and it meets all quality standards.

Are there any negative reviews of Alkotox?

No, we could not find negative reviews on this product.

Can I buy this at a pharmacy?

No, pharmacies do not sell this product. It can only be bought on the official website.

How long does delivery take?

Depending on your location, delivery may take from 2 to 7 days.

Where can I find the official website for Alkotox?

We analyzed most of the sites selling Alkotox and found an official site where you can buy the product. You can find it by clicking the red button below.

How can I order Alkotox?

To do this, go to the official website, leave your name and phone number in the order form. After that, the manager will call you and confirm your order.

In which countries sold Alkotox?

Alkotox is sold in most countries in the world through the official website.

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