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What is it?

It is a remedy in the form of drops that are used to improve performance. It has been demonstrated that dysfunctions affect thousands of men daily for example erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are.

Although there are remedies to treat sexual impotence, in most cases these products aren’t safe since they harm the system, and do not offer the results due to patients.

Experts in sexology and organic medicine, always advocate products provide energy and promote health that is complete.


This product comes in the form of drops, which contain just plant extracts, which have been used to treat impotence, infertility and lack of energy. The components of the Casanova drops are the following: Unchaste Falo. It is a fungus that's been used for several years to deal with dysfunctions and shortage of energy. It has excellent properties to increase power, strength and energy, enabling guys to maintain a much more pleasurable life. Guarana extract It is a ingredient that is recognized and employed as a natural aphrodisiac, it is likewise a part of the composition of the Casanova drops. The extract of guarana has properties to enhance the blood vessels, so promoting the guy to maintain lasting and extreme erections. Additionally, it is an great extract to deal with premature ejaculation and lack of libido. Muira Puama Since the extract of guarana promotes the exceptional operation of the cardiovascular system, permitting the body to create much better blood flow, this aids the manhood have a greater circulation, being perfect for optimal sexual health and for its superior sperm production. Tribulus Terrestris. It is a vasodilator very valuable to treat affectations that are anxious and nervous, it's a natural relaxant used to reduce tensions. Panax Ginseng It comprises an optimal substance to improve blood supply to the pelvic region. It promotes sexual resistance and helps maintain erections.

Instructions for use

A single dose guarantees excellent sexual performance. You have to split the Casanova drops in a glass of water. If you want you may use two doses of the product. Dilute the drops and take them before having intercourse. You will observe the way your potency increases.

How it works?

It Provides you energy and the Energy you Will Need to Keep strong Increase sexual desire It is great for you to keep lasting and powerful erections. Offers wellness to the system Boost your mood


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