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Diapromin is a liquid preparation in the form of a suspension based on herbal ingredients. The tool is intended to help people with type II diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent). The composition contains natural ingredients, including micro and macro elements, so there is no risk of side effects. Studies have shown the following results: 96% of people taking Diapromin normalize their blood glucose levels, and 99% improve their overall health.
The certified drug is sold with delivery throughout Russia, payment is made upon receipt.


Candidol is a new generation ecological antifungal agent capable of fighting 350 types of mycosis pathogens. Every day a person comes into contact with these bacteria in public places, in public transport, in baths and swimming pools, in playgrounds, in stores. No one is immune from infection and its consequences: unpleasant odor, blisters, cracks, itching and deformation of the nail plate. It is important to understand that an advanced form of fungal infection can even lead to sepsis and gangrene.
Candidol not only kills fungal infections, but also successfully relieves inflammation, promotes regeneration of the affected areas and affects the body’s immune system. The result: the end of mycosis and unbearable itching. Hello healthy skin.


Virex is a drug for potency. It has a positive effect. Against the background of the problem, the self-esteem of the man decreases, this affects the mental and physical health of the man. Virex restores potency in one course of use. Clinical trials of efficacy were conducted, during which 97% increased the size of the penis, 98% improved erection. The drug prolongs sexual intercourse, makes orgasm brighter. It removes erectile dysfunction well.
The main causes of the problem:

  • lack of minerals and vitamins;
  • lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stressful situations;
  • age;
  • diseases;
  • unstable ecology.

The drug will solve each of the listed problems.

Arthro Lab

Arthro Lab is a specialized drug that can fully eliminate the causes of joint ailments. Another use of such a tool makes it possible to restore their integrity over time. It is a complex drug that provides targeted treatment. At the same time, there is no need to use other medicines. Characteristic features include:

  • Natural composition.
  • Efficiency.
  • Ease of use and short duration of treatment.

The drug is also characterized by its versatility, making it suitable for almost everyone. However, before taking it, it is mandatory to consult a specialist.


Hondrogel is a unique medicinal complex designed to fight joint diseases. There are no analogues in the Russian and CIS markets.
Recommended as an adjunct in the treatment of joint tissue diseases.

Cyto Forte

Cyto Forte is the most effective drug in the fight against cystitis. It is non-addictive and has a highly ecological formula that cannot cause allergic reactions. The medicine is prescribed for acute and chronic course, improves the condition of the urinary system, is universal due to its complex effect on the body. Its use does not provoke relapse of the disease and does not imply the use of other therapeutic methods. The drug is available to everyone, as it has a low cost.

In the modern world, cystitis is most common in women. In total, about 30 million cases of its detection have already been recorded. This is primarily due to the physiological structure of the woman’s body, which is why in life one individual can get sick at least 5 times or acquire chronic cystitis.


Optimove is an innovative product that allows you to accelerate cell regeneration and restore damaged joint tissues, eliminate the causes of the latter’s diseases. Also, when it is used, it accelerates the recovery of the affected cartilage tissue. Before entering the market, the drug has passed all tests at the European Institute of Orthopedics. It was found that Optimove improves the course of diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system, the functionality of the joints, and contributes to the disappearance of acute pain.
The drug should be used if there are pains in the joints or in the cervical spine, crunching, fever or discomfort with any movement. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

More and more people are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Its first signs can appear even before the age of 30, which indicates an ever-increasing number of cases. Now there are over 3 billion people with unhealthy, affected joints.


Locerin is the number one nutritional supplement for improvement of hair conditions. Its been shown to work from the increment of hair length, defense of baldness, hair construction that was strengthening and deepening of the color of hair follicles. You may have lost hope in maintaining your hair , lovely and fluffy, Locerin is that organic formula regenerate hair mend split ends thinning follicles and accelerate development in the most ordinary manner possible.With the rich composition of 16 ingredients guaranteed to offer improvement that is evident in recording time, this dietary supplement, Locerin, provides a timely response to the struggle of baldness.


Proflexen is a food supplement designed for people that are wanting optimize mobility and to promote bone and joint health. The product can be used by men and women of all ages, such as those looking to reduce the probability of joint degeneration and those who are currently afflicted by arthritis.This is an innovative support formula that may help to boost overall mobility and flexibility of your joints. It can assist in preventing joint stiffness you guard the joints during challenging workouts and might feel in the morning.


Immuten will be the drops.Immuten drop therapy class solves the following issues:Has a fast effect in viruses and microorganisms penetration . Infections and viruses are eliminated thus preventing the development of complications, along with the process is eliminated;The droplets have an area effect, penetrating into the space that is inflammatory. The intestinal processes are eliminated, and microfloras state is stabilized;So the virus activity is slowed down in 5 times, the mobility of white blood cells improves;The preparation Immuten has a gentle effect. Protection dont stimulate. Without bothering your bodys protective reactions imunity increases.The drops are appropriate not only for adults of any age, and also can be used for kids.