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Varicobooster is made in the form of a cream designed for outdoor use. Cream varicose veins has an important advantage – no need simultaneously to take other medications, are not available to all people because of high cost.
Varicobooster – cream from varicose veins has a number of positive characteristics:
after applying the cream do not need to wrap the legs, wear compression stockings;
the cream is quickly absorbed through a very short period of time can wear clothes without fear of the appearance of greasy spots;
the cream does not exudes an unpleasant odor, which possess similar drugs;


To effectively counter dermatological pathologies helps Psoridex natural cream wax from psoriasis. Unlike many pharmaceutical drugs it does not contain hormonal components, chemical compounds, and only provides the integrated therapeutic effect on the affected epidermis. An additional gift when you order innovative tools for external use are herbal drops Psoridex, which eliminates the internal causes unsightly appearance of skin diseases.


Collamask is a great beauty mask with collagen, which helps restore skin elasticity, smooth out small wrinkles and to fill the cells of the deep layers of the dermis with moisture. The tool allows you to make the skin young, supple and attractive, as well as a great deal with age-related changes and to create a little healthy glow on the cheeks. In the manufacture of product specialists have used the latest latest developments, patented technologies and achievements in the field of cosmetology and dermatology. This unique mask can be used from 25 years of age in order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and other possible age-related changes.


Alkotox – new revolutionary product which is a serum. Reception means Alkotox helps to overcome the craving for alcohol and completely get rid of the addiction.


Bactefort — a mixture of herbal extracts in the form of concentrated drops for internal use of intended for getting rid of intestinal parasites and consequences associated with their vital functions in the body. Has many useful properties: antimicrobial, laxative, detoxifying, improving digestion. To use drops Bactefort easy, does not require medical supervision and prescription, the drug can be used at home following the instructions on the package. Natural ingredients are harmless: this is confirmed by tests and certificates of quality.


Detoxic – an Innovative product made from natural ingredients, should take for effective pest control and health improvement. Thus it is completely safe for humans. Manufacturers claim that one course of treatment is sufficient to kill the worms and complete cleansing of the body.


Biorecin is a cream based on hyaluronic acid, which will allow to prolong youth and to preserve the freshness of the skin. This cosmetic product allows to delay the appearance of wrinkles, smoothes out existing ones. It renews and restores skin cells, making the face is smoothed, becomes more elastic and its color is improved.

Valgus Pro

“Valgus Pro” is an innovative clamp which will eliminate the bone on his leg for a month. This small and neat device securely locks the finger. It is made of hypoallergenic material, material specifically designed for prolonged contact with skin. “Valgus Pro” will not cause allergies, heat rash or skin irritation. And its flexibility makes it virtually invisible on the leg. Of course, you’ll still remember that you have in the leg “Valgus Pro”, but soon will no longer even pay attention to it.


Cream Varikosette – a novelty among medicines for varicose veins. The cream is made by the German company Hendel and meets all the necessary quality standards. This is a unique remedy based on plant extracts and troxerutin.


One of the most popular novelties in the pharmaceutical market is Germitox antiparasitic. Based on tannins, the formula of the drug makes it possible to completely rid the body of parasites. And this requires only one course. So, at least, the manufacturer claims. Since the tool appeared quite recently, consumers have some questions. Does the drug work? What does it consist of and how to apply it? You will learn about the features of the innovative tool and the rules of its application from this article.