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Inflamaya Gel

Inflamaya Gel – is not just a cream for joints, from sprains and bruises. This is a unique drug, based on one unusual, but very effective component. A few years ago, scientists noticed that a few Siberian residents, despite the rather severe conditions, have practically no problems with joints and the bone system.


Intoxic is a liquid preparation against helminths of different species living in the human body. Its herbal composition is safe for internal organs, but is deadly to parasites and their larvae. In the list of beneficial properties, manufacturers indicate elimination of toxins, blood purification, general improvement in health. Intoxic is a certified product, the method of use is simple and safe, it is indicated on the package and inside the inside.

Energy Beauty Bar

Energy Beauty Bar – a new vibrating face massage with a pure gold finish. Acupuncture T-shaped tip, 24 carats, 6000 microvibrations per minute – that’s the secret of your freshness and radiance!

Forte Love

Forte Love is a unique pathogen that can awaken a woman’s passion and sensuality. The drug has a lot of advantages over its counterparts. Acting for several minutes after taking, its effect is sufficient for a long period of time.


The cream for freckles and pigmentation Welltox for the face is a natural product for the removal of pigmentation and bleaching of the skin. It is made according to an ancient Chinese recipe using extracts from rare plants and other unique active ingredients.


Tinedol is a topical remedy, in the form of an ointment for feet, which acts against the fungus, odor and itch that cares for the skin. In the composition of the patented active formula natural components: Climbazole, Farnesol Tinedol, essential oils and vitamins. The manufacturer pays special attention to the novelty and effectiveness of Tinedol, and helps ointment against mycosis of the nails or feet of various etiologies. The facility passed the necessary studies, has a quality certificate


Cream for pain in joints Hondrocream is a unique certified product with a wide range of therapeutic effects. The possibility of using one drug for a variety of diseases, including the pathologies of articular cartilages of different severity and diseases of the muscular system, makes this tool indispensable in the home medicine cabinet.


Psorimilk is a cream that gently cares for the affected areas of the skin, reducing the manifestations of psoriasis. According to clinical studies, in 93% of patients skin defects disappear completely, in others they become hardly noticeable.