What is it?


What is it?

Diastine are capsules that are designed to gently restore the body that suffers from diabetes. The drug has an effective effect on a person if they have type 1 or 2 diabetes. If a persons eyesight deteriorates or digestion is impaired, then the drug will also actively and beneficially affect the patients body.
It is worth noting that the capsules have a peculiarity, namely, the use of the drug at any age. Therefore, there are no restrictions for Diastine. At the same time, the capsules do not cause unpleasant side effects.

Diastine - Information
Name Diastine
Official site www.Diastine.com
Price 39$
Country of sale of goods UK, USA, India
Availability in pharmacies Not
Delivery speed 3-7 days
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Storage conditions Store in a dry place out of reach of children
Payment Cash or card upon receipt
Availability In stock
Structure 100% natural
Customer Reviews most positive


The capsules contain only natural ingredients that have a good effect on the patient.
  • Bean leaf extract helps to activate the work of proteins, which include insulin. Fiber does not absorb excess carbohydrates for the body, while the level of glucose does not increase in the blood.
  • Dandelion root extract is the main ingredient in Diastine and is involved in insulin synthesis. The blood sugar level is sharply normalized and regulated. At the same time, the biological role is not violated, the weight does not increase.
  • Meadow clover extract normalizes the endocrine system, lowers blood sugar.
Such a composition not only has a beneficial effect on the patient, but also does not cause allergies and other adverse consequences.
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Instructions for use

It is necessary to take the drug 3 capsules a day, while drinking plenty of water. Before taking Diastine, it is advisable to drink a glass of clear, still water. The course of taking capsules will depend on the type of diabetes; the minimum amount of treatment for prevention lasts 40 days. An effective course of admission begins from two months, when a person is struggling with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The maximum course is two and a half months if diabetes is complicated. Diastine must be taken at intervals of three months to consolidate the result and bounce back.


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How it works?

In the fight against diabetes, the drug improves the production of the main pancreatic enzyme, which is responsible for the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If diabetes is persistent, then it is worth improving the production of not only enzymes, but also hormones, namely insulin. The drug has a beneficial effect on the body, is not addictive and helps blood sugar to return to normal.

Indications for use

The remedy is effective in the treatment of type 1 ... 2 diabetes - it allows you to gently restore the body to a normal state. Suitable for pregnant women with gestational disease. At the same time, it improves or delays the deterioration of vision, eliminates disturbances in the digestion, circulatory system.


Capsules are contraindicated in diabetic patients who have an immunity to the components included in the drug. Perhaps a rare manifestation of allergic reactions in some people - in this case, you must stop taking the drug.

Doctor's review

I work as an endocrinologist and face the problem of diabetes every day. Unfortunately, she is getting younger, and the number of cases is growing. The saddest thing is that patients seek help late, when the disease can no longer be stopped, forced to retreat or be more benign for the body. And today there is something to do this - scientists have achieved good results in the development of drugs that can prevent development, make the disease recede in the early stages. I advise my patients with type 1 ... 2 diabetes symptoms to take Diastine more. The product is in capsules, they must be drunk strictly according to the scheme indicated in the instructions. In my practice, cases of complete recovery from diabetes are not uncommon; in most of them, the disease has significantly improved. There is also an improvement in the eyesight of the recipients of the remedy, the circulatory system, and disorders of the digestive system go away.


Unfortunately, I am an inherited diabetic. Mom suffered from a disease, dying hard because of him. I try not to admit myself to such a state. Fortunately, today the market offers a drug in capsules Diastine, with which I solve my health problems. Thanks to the product, I prevent the development of diabetes, maintain a good level of vision and the digestive system. I am constantly undergoing medical examinations, he calms me down, claiming that everything is fine so far.
I have diabetics in my family, so I constantly carry out prophylaxis of the body so as not to join their ranks. I previously used various medications, today it is Diastine - a capsule product that appeared in my medicine cabinet on the recommendation of an endocrinologist. Today I am already under seventy, while my worries about the body are justified. I live eating a little of everything.I do not limit myself to foods that lead to diabetes.
I learned about the new drug Diastine against diabetes from a friend who is suffering from such a bad disease. I got it, I accept it, because I myself suffer from the same problem. Thanks to the capsules, I keep the blood sugar level at the limit, I do not allow it to rise to dangerous levels.


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Diastine is a hoax?

No, this is not a hoax. We have checked this service and it meets all quality standards.

Are there any negative reviews of Diastine?

No, we could not find negative reviews on this product.

Can I buy this at a pharmacy?

No, pharmacies do not sell this product. It can only be bought on the official website.

How long does delivery take?

Depending on your location, delivery may take from 2 to 7 days.

Where can I find the official website for Diastine?

We analyzed most of the sites selling Diastine and found an official site where you can buy the product. You can find it by clicking the red button below.

How can I order Diastine?

To do this, go to the official website, leave your name and phone number in the order form. After that, the manager will call you and confirm your order.

In which countries sold Diastine?

Diastine is sold in most countries in the world through the official website.

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