DR Extenda

DR Extenda
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What is it?

DR Extenda — natural drug enhancing sexual activity in men. The tool can be used for various problems with potency, decreased libido, and frequent stress and fatigue that interfere with normal intimate life.


The formula for potency consists of plant and natural components, selected in certain proportions. Among these ingredients includes: extract of the herb Damiana — improves blood flow to the genitals, prolongs erections, prevents early ejaculation; fenugreek extract — increases levels of testosterone, improves potency, enhances sexual desire; extract of pomegranate improves sperm quality, stimulates the synthesis of testosterone, corrects erectile disorders, struggles with male infertility; L-arginine — enhances blood flow to the phallus, improves erectile function, activates the production of seminal fluid, increases the sperm motility; extract Peruvian Maki — increases stamina and sex drive, improves semen quality, eliminates premature ejaculation, ensures the stability of the nervous system to stressful situations. In addition to improving male potency, the majority of these ingredients possess antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects, which positively affects condition of the whole organism.

Instructions for use

To achieve lasting positive result of the required course drug. Its duration is determined individually by the attending physician, depending on the type of pathology and severity of the main symptoms. Daily dosage with the means to improve potency is 2 tablets, one of which must be taken before Breakfast and the second before lunch. For better absorption of tablets should drink plenty of water.

How it works?

As absorption of the drug in the blood observed several successive stages of its operation. During the initial stage, the preparation and the biochemical setting of the body to interact with biologically active substances. Secreted extracts herbs medicinal components begin their preparatory work to the next stage proceeded successfully and effectively. The active phase of the drug DR Extenda is characterized by the expansion of the vascular bed, especially in the genital area. As a result, significantly increases blood filling the corpus cavernosum of the penis, which contributes to a more strong and long erection. At this time, patients begin to notice at a fairly pronounced morning erection, which is evidence that components of the drug act on the body. During the final phase is the stabilization and consolidation of the results achieved. Formula DR Extenda has a cumulative effect, so that the positive changes will remain for a long time.


Where to buy?

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