Eco Slim

Eco Slim
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What is it?

Effervescent tablets for weight loss “Eco Slim” is a tool for weight loss, developed with the participation of well-known nutritionists and endocrinologists. In the product contains vitamins and natural substances of natural origin, useful properties which are recognized by official medicine.


Presented diet pills contain only safe ingredients that have a mild influence on the metabolism without overloading the other systems of the body. The main components are: Chitosan. Binds fats and the metabolic products that do not have time to digest, and naturally begin to appear. Reduces the rate of harmful cholesterol, improves metabolism and digestion. Caffeine. Stimulating effect on the breakdown of fat accumulation, supports vigorous condition, tones the body and has a positive effect on metabolic processes. Vitamins of group B. don't give experience loss of strength, control mechanism of saturation involved in the process of breakdown of fat, relieve stress. Fucus (algae). This component reduces harmful cholesterol and protects blood vessels and heart, helps the toxins leave the body. Coleus Forskoli. Activates the burning and oxidation of fat within the cells, allowing the body to reach the savings that have long been settled on the body in the form of folds. L-carnitine. Because of this amino acid in the body is blocked from entering fat in the blood, which is then usually transported in the cells themselves, whereby the vessels remain strong and healthy, and weight loss. Succinic acid. Contributes to the enrichment of tissues with oxygen, promotes the utilization of internal fat. Guarana. Several times increases metabolism, which contributes to a very intense and natural weight loss. Controls appetite and dulls the hunger, provides the person with additional energy.

Instructions for use

Method of application of the presented tools is plain and simple. One tablet to dissolve in a glass of ordinary drinking water (200 ml), and then all the content just to drink. To use the preparation during a meal or after the meal. The only condition you should follow is not to exceed the recommended dosage during application. As for the duration of the course, it will depend on the results that want to get losing weight. If we are talking about a significant weight loss (more than ten pounds), then to drink “Eco Slim” you need at least a month. But to slightly adjust the shape and fold two or three pounds, that will be enough, and one week.

How it works?

Effervescent tablets make it completely painless to reduce the amount of food consumed, speed up metabolism and beneficial to overall health. Make the drug should be three times a day, dissolving tablets in a glass of water and drinking the beverage during a meal. "Eco Slim" has virtually no contraindications, no side effects and provides a highly efficient and safe disposal of the excess weight.


Where to buy?

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