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What is it?

Pills Erogan help a lot of men, since prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction and guarantees a strong potency. At least, so stated in the annotation to the tool. But as is the case in reality? Let’s try to understand this question, why study the composition of the drug Erogan, its indications and contraindications, principles of operation, application instructions, and real reviews of doctors and patients.


Part Erogan included: Ginseng root has long been known in Eastern medicine. It is used to strengthen tone and restore the body after prolonged illness or General fatigue. The extract of this medicinal root increases the man's libido, strengthens the immune system, making it more resilient and capable of performing miracles and feats in bed. Cornflower koljuchegolovye is usual for our latitude plants. From it our ancestors did decoctions and infusions to increase vitality. Cornflower extract makes the erections longer, strengthens it, which positively affects the duration of sexual intercourse. Brazilian tree a plant called Muira Puama Indians also called the Tree of wishes. Drink that they are made of nice smelling leaves Muira Puama is a powerful aphrodisiac. The use of this substance stimulates the production of sex hormones and promotes erection. L-arginine is a basic alpha amino acid, a positive effect on metabolism, accelerating the process of regeneration. This substance is responsible for an erection: the use of arginine improves blood circulation in the genitals, which affects the resistance of male power. The normal extract of pine bark has a positive effect not only on erections, but also on the immune and nervous system and improves mood. This is especially important when the weakening of the erectile function caused by fatigue and depression.

Instructions for use

In each package must carry a statement that lists a method of using capsules and other detailed supporting information. With regard to the use Erogan, then take the product twice a day, one capsule just before a meal or during it. The drug has to be taken with water. Excess dosage is not recommended, as it will lead not to that result, which awaits man. The full course of treatment is four weeks. All this time, you need to regularly take Erogan. Only such treatment will not only help to achieve the desired result, but to secure it. Although men taking these capsule to enhance potency, argue that improvement noticeable the next day.

How it works?

Erogan is made from natural ingredients and goes on sale in the form of capsules and drops. Before entering on pharmacy shelves, the drug is undergoing clinical trials that confirm the safety of funds and the absence of serious side effects. Erogan has a certificate that confirms the claimed as medicine. In addition, capsules and drops received many reviews of satisfied customers who told us about an effective increase in potency and the affordable price of the product.


Where to buy?

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