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What is it?

FitoSpray is a special formulation framework based on natural components. It is designed for people wanting to lose weight or simply lose weight. Its shape – a spray bottle, it’s contents are sprayed, to affect is injected into the mouth. According to developers, the result should come the first week of regular use. Certification the product has passed, which means that meets international standards and the most important thing is the result!


Everything as always just. Because the composition of this product includes only natural products of plant origin, all of them safe for humans: 1.with the help of green coffee use the appetite, which in turn takes you from the formation of new fat deposits! In addition, toxins, excess fluids, the body is cleared. 2.Extract Garcinia cambogia carbohydrates are not accumulated and blocked, so the fat under the skin is not formed. Moreover, you soon won't be held hostage by sweets. 3.Thanks to Goji berries, the body receives the important nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The person does not feel hunger, the rejuvenation of the body, fats are burned faster. 4.Extract acai and mango do not allow fats to accumulate. Immunity increases. 5.Acid of lemon, pritupov hunger, works hard on the metabolic processes and removes toxins. 6.Thanks to pepper mint and menthol enhanced the gall bladder, improves metabolic processes, the breath becomes fresh. 7.Thanks to L-carnitine fat begins to be converted into energy. Therefore, the person feels a lifting force for a long time is not tired, appetite is reduced. This is the component that will provide the opportunity for weight loss. And lifestyle does not adversely affect the process of weight loss.

Instructions for use

Several times a day, before or after a meal, you refresh your mouth with the spray FitoSpray. Once in the blood through mucosa and gastric juice in the gastrointestinal tract, the natural structure starts to operate. Bottle-sprayer beautifully designed, is removed in the handbag, so to use it in any place will not be difficult. After the spray is an unpleasant odor in the composition is a natural component of peppermint and menthol. After several days of "sicani" you will notice the first results. To eat will want less!

How it works?

Manufacturer latest design for slimming ensures a perfect result. Time is set to 5 days. Irrigating composition FitoSpray the oral cavity, it is possible to reduce the weight and volume of the body by removing accumulated in the body of excess fluid and eliminate feelings of hunger. It is not necessary to visit sports and recreational activities, to pay a lot of money for a ticket, to go on a strict diet, spend a lot of time and tired, exhausting yourself physically. But at the same time, the body will not need additional source of energy, because the components of the spray for weight loss FitoSpray very nutritious.


Where to buy?

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