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What is it?

New biological fungus cream on feet Fungalor was formed according to the patented composition, and includes the private part of purely natural components and also need to improve cover. The fungus is a complex disease that can be treated quite difficult.Fungalor can help to control disease fungal infection of the nails, including severe.New biological fungus cream on feet Fungalor appears to be a safe substance in its composition there are no elements that has no chance to affect health. Always components safe natural, so product is made take into account all medical measurements.


The ingredients that are present in the structure of the new biological fungus cream on feet Fungalor: 1) Climbazole. Productively combats infection, eliminate irritation, and also restores the cover. Seems a strong antiseptic. 2) Wax latex. An additional element that gives the cream a soft texture and gives it an opportunity to rapidly saturate and does not keep fingerprints. 3) Methylparaben. Has a powerful disinfecting effect, and also is a great antiseptic. Eliminates unpleasant odors, completely block the popularization of the fungus. 4) Glycerin. The component that is familiar to many people, caring for skin. Good relaxes, heals cracks and small wounds, dermatological cover presents a silky softness. 5) Essential oil. The natural components of that productive struggle with all the painful actions that are performed in the plane of our skin. They can help the cells recover soon contribute to the renewal of the brand all metabolic actions. 6) Peppermint oil that is in the composition of this cream contains a powerful disinfectant effect, heals wounds and cools the skin. 7) Lanolin. Does not seem harmful to microorganisms. Filled with desired components, gives nourishment, relaxes, and moisturizes. 8) Arsenal. Element that essentially found the one with the best in the prevention of contagious actions. Restores the epidermis.

Instructions for use

Before use wash the feet and wipe clean with a towel. Next you need rubbing movements apply the ointment on the toes, nails, fingers. The cream should be a grind all the way to absolute absorption.This operation should be carried out any period, preferably overnight.However, if you want to go outside, cream application should be done at least 30 minutes before.

How it works?

In contact with the skin, the active substance aktiviziruyutsya and begin to come into contact with the bacteria, successfully destroying them. Further ingredients are fully layer of the epidermis, and already eliminate the cause of the disease from the inside. It turns out that the cream not only allows you to get rid of the fungus and the bacteria that are provoking him.


Where to buy?

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