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What is it?

One of the most popular novelties in the pharmaceutical market is Germitox antiparasitic. Based on tannins, the formula of the drug makes it possible to completely rid the body of parasites. And this requires only one course. So, at least, the manufacturer claims. Since the tool appeared quite recently, consumers have some questions. Does the drug work? What does it consist of and how to apply it? You will learn about the features of the innovative tool and the rules of its application from this article.


The remedy for parasites Germitox is a carefully thought-out combination of natural components: Fruits of Sumach. The juice of these fruits expels the parasites, normalizes the intestinal flora, prevents rotting processes. Bile is bearish. Has a powerful antiparasitic effect, destroying all kinds of pathogenic organisms. Thanks to this, bears can safely spend in their lair for several months. Ferula Dzungarska. Protects the body from bacteria and viruses, neutralizes and removes toxic compounds. Vitamin and mineral complex. Includes 20 useful for human substances, enhances the effect of the drug.

Instructions for use

Reviews about Germitox, basically, are positive. But in order to achieve the desired result, you need to take the remedy clearly according to the instructions: Children over 12 and adults should drink twice a day for a month. For children aged 6 to 12 years, Germitox is given 2 times a day. The duration of the course is 20 days. At the age of 3 to 6 years, the medicine is drunk 3 times a day. Full course - 10 days. For more details on the dosage and dosage rules, see the attached instructions.

How it works?

The effectiveness of the new preparation against Germitox worms was fully confirmed in laboratory studies and clinical trials. It acts quickly and does not cause any harm to health. Side effects are excluded due to the natural composition and carefully thought-out ratio of components. The drug acts gently, gives a good result and thus does not have a negative effect on liver tissue. Germitox begins to work actively from the first day of the course. The active substances immediately detect the target and begin to attack it. As a result, the following occurs: Helminths and their eggs completely leave the body. Toxic components and slags are eliminated. Improves immunity, which prevents re-infection. Note! At the beginning of taking the drug, the kidneys and intestines are activated. Special discomfort it does not deliver, however it is necessary to go to the toilet more often. After a full course of Germitox the state of health is much better, all uncomfortable symptoms of helminthiasis go away: Chronic fatigue. Prostration. Inflammatory phenomena. Dermatological problems. The drug is recommended not only for treatment, but also for preventive purposes. First of all, it concerns pet owners.


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