Hammer of Thor

Hammer of Thor
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What is it?

Drops “Hammer of Thor” is a unique and useful tool for those men who wish to increase their potency. It will help to solve many problems in men sexually. The recipe for this funding was known in the time of the Vikings. Modern scientists used a unique knowledge of antiquity and with the help of modern technology, have created a unique and effective tool.


The composition of the droplets includes such natural ingredients: 1.Extract is very rare moss that grows only in the Norwegian fjords. This ingredient helps to restore the normal blood flow in the genitals in men, normalizes blood pressure. 2.Extract of rare invertebrates (Littorina) who reside exclusively on the Norwegian coast. Helps to produce adequate amounts of testosterone in the body. 3.Extract of the liver, "monkfish", native to Scandinavian waters. This component helps fill in the body lack the necessary amount of zinc element, which is a must for male hormones. As you know lack of zinc greatly reduces libido in men. 4.Natural extraction from Antarctic krill. Operates to increase male hormones and promotes absorption of the essential vitamins.

Instructions for use

It is a natural remedy for potency is very simple to use. 1.It is necessary to take a course inside, dripping drops directly on the tongue 3 or 5 pieces for 15 days. 2.A positive result from their use can be seen immediately after the fifth day of admission. 3.Then it is necessary to take a short break and then begin another course of treatment as this gives the extension of the result. The effect of the treatment will be to please the representatives of the stronger sex three to six months. Most importantly, thanks to the completely natural composition of the drug, it does not cause any allergic reactions.

How it works?

Great effect from the use of this drug can be seen after a few techniques, however, it is advisable to place not one course of treatment, and two as recommendations enhance the effect of this is said directly.


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