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What is it?

Cream for pain in joints Hondrocream is a unique certified product with a wide range of therapeutic effects. The possibility of using one drug for a variety of diseases, including the pathologies of articular cartilages of different severity and diseases of the muscular system, makes this tool indispensable in the home medicine cabinet.


At the heart of all the warming creams have red pepper, by the way, even patches. They well increase microcirculation in capillaries, in the skin, muscles. This is a necessary condition for treatment, because Blood carries many useful and (if medications are taken) medicinal substances, but carries out pathogenic microorganisms, stopping the development of stagnant and disintegrating processes. One red pepper for treatment is not enough, but in Hondrocream there are several other plant components: Menthol, camphor, turpentine. In action with red pepper "keep" the balance of cooling and reheating. This combination weakens muscle tension, improves blood circulation in the skin, favorably affects the mobility of the joints. Essential oils of eucalyptus and fir, soybean oil, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. They act soothingly, stimulate the immune system. The extract of peppermint and chestnut horse tone the skin, muscles, in Hondrocream they are in order to remove swelling and improve blood circulation in the skin.

Instructions for use

Instructions for the use of Hondrocream cream are placed on each package of the original product that has a certificate. The method of use is not difficult: Apply a small amount to a clean and dry skin. Cream Hondrocream must be rubbed until completely absorbed. Do not wash the cream for 20-30 minutes after use. Cream for the joints to achieve a stable therapeutic effect should be used two or more times a day.

How it works?

The manufacturer indicates that the agent acts immediately after application, and with the first procedure. You should feel relief: easing of pain, normal ability to move, removal of a small inflammation. But do not forget that all the same you will need a specialist consultation and his conclusion in order to identify the cause of the pain. The product has a warming effect, the area of ​​rubbing with a cream can be slightly burned, this is normal. Probably, the doctor will prescribe Hondrocream as parallel, auxiliary treatment in a complex with other (more strong) medical products or fizioprotsedurami.


Where to buy?

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