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What is it?

Maxlift is a lifting serum for women of all ages and for all types of skin. Maxlift with twice-daily application facilitates correction of facial contours, smoothing of wrinkles, even deep on his forehead. Serum instant action Maxlift for 2 minutes tightens the skin.


Active ingredients: Collagen regenerates the skin, moisturizes it and makes it more elastic. Clay has good antioxidant, firming and smoothing properties. Sodium hyaluronate has high moisturizing properties and promotes tissue regeneration, makes the skin soft and smooth. Urea - is excellent in moisture and serves as a conductor of the other active substances into the deeper layers of the skin.

Instructions for use

Special instructions for use, Maxlift, however, should follow these rules: Apply only on cleansed and dry skin. The tool can be applied only on the wrinkles and problem areas of the skin. Use a small amount means, a large portion will slide cream on the face. Wait for absorption. Makeup can be applied after 10 minutes. Regular use of this serum will improve the skin condition.

How it works?

Reviews of doctors about Maxlift and clinical trials proved that the serum begins to be active a few seconds after application to the skin. And in 2 minutes it helps to achieve maximum effect. Due to its unique natural composition and interaction of components with each other, helps to achieve such an incredible result over such a short period of time.


Where to buy?

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