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What is it?

Nomidol – a cream from a fungus of feet and nails with natural structure and fast action. H has strict contraindications and has received high marks from doctors and as a reliable aid in infectious disease, and as an excellent prophylaxis of the fungus.


The composition of Nomidol cream includes the best and proven ingredients that can fight the foot fungus. It: celandine oil. Immediately stops the existing bleeding, relieves itching, has an antiseptic and wound-healing effect. Native musk beaver hood. Softens the nail plate, which because of the fungus hardens and thickens. Improves her condition, returns a healthy color, and relieves heels from cracks and dryness. Extract of St. John's wort. Strengthens and restores disturbed blood circulation, promotes rapid renewal of the affected surface, resists the appearance of vascular asterisks, eliminates venous congestion. Struggles with harmful microorganisms. Melissa oil. Reduces the feeling of burning and discomfort, softens the skin surface, gives it tenderness, moisturizes and nourishes deep layers, relieves irritation. In addition to these ingredients, useful plants include mother-and-stepmother, valerian and string. And here comes the tea mushroom and horseradish extract.

Instructions for use

Apply Nomidol cream is very simple. The whole procedure does not take much time. First, it is desirable to wash the feet under water with soap and dry with a towel. Then on the skin of the foot, including the fingers, you should apply this product, carefully rubbing with massaging movements. All affected skin should be treated, and after that the cream is not washed off. For medicinal purposes, when it comes to neglected fungus, use it 2 times a day (in the morning and always before bedtime) for a whole month. And if a person wants to protect himself from re-infection with this disease or to carry out prophylaxis, then 15 days of use will be enough, but also 2 times a day.

How it works?

The effectiveness of the presented remedy is due to its ability to penetrate deeply into the dermis and reach the focus of inflammation. Also, an active fight against pathogenic microorganisms living on the skin surface begins. Fungus gradually recedes, and the skin is renewed and heals. Then, positive changes begin to occur with the affected nail plate. It aligns, activates its growth and changes color for the better.


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