Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca
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What is it?

Peruvian Maca – a plant with medicinal properties, which can be found in a mountainous area on the territory of Latin America. The main effect of powder produced from the root of the herb is increased potency and activity (both physical and mental).


In the composition of the maquis, a huge number of useful substances, among which are amides of fatty acids they have a positive effect on men's health; the alkaloids contribute to the improvement of the functioning of the kidneys; thiocyanates and glucosinolates – they provide cancer prevention. Among the minerals in the composition Peruvian Maca the following: copper – affects the process of hematopoiesis; zinc – provides the regeneration of tissues and organs; iron – is involved in metabolism; phosphorus enters into the composition of bone tissue in the body; calcium is a structural component of bones and teeth. Also in Mack assembled a whole bunch of vitamins – vitamin B1, B2, B12, E, C. the Ratio of carbohydrate and protein in a plant is approximately equal to 80/20. Due to the huge amount of minerals and nutrients Maca may have a positive effect not only on the male body, but female. But do not forget that effective treatment will only fit a quality and original product that has all the necessary certificates.

Instructions for use

In the first days of reception it is recommended to take no more than three spoons in a day. Sufficient for the body dose of 5 grams of powder. The treatment dose can be increased in two times, also needed to break the reception – one time in 6 days. Some manufacturers recommend starting the course with 500 mg, which is equal to 1-2 capsules. But the best option is taking a smaller dosage in the early days with gradual increase in the following days. The plant and its derivatives are safe to eat, however, you should keep in mind some limitations: pregnancy; the breast-feeding period; individual intolerance to the components.

How it works?

Maki has a huge number of useful properties that manifest when used correctly. Biologically active components have a positive effect on the activity of the spermatozoa the amount of semen. Thiocyanates and glucosinolates have anti-tumor effect. The plant is a strong aphrodisiac, and its regular intake improves potency. The maquis components increase the tone of the germ cells and help normalize the function of prostate. With increases libido, and improves the function of the mechanisms of reproduction. Mac slows down aging and gives rejuvenating effect. For Peruvian Maca typical toning effect. During the reception of the plants, the patient becomes more alert, hardy, resistant to stress. Peruvian Maca works as an anabolic, and can serve as a replacement for drugs. Maca has a positive effect on the urogenital system.


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