Princess Hair

Princess Hair
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What is it?

Princess Hair is an herbal mask for hair care. The manufacturer certifies that the product has not only strengthening and stimulating hair growth effect, but even prevents early graying.


Components of the mask, are of vegetable or natural origin. Sea buckthorn oil has regenerative properties. Under its influence, updates the cells of the upper layer of the scalp, disappear irritation caused by harmful bacteria. Oil restores damaged hair, accelerates their growth, fights dandruff. Extract of Centella asiatica does not allow early gray hair to see the light, destroying free radicals. Destroys dandruff and oily hair at the roots, forcing the blood to circulate in the epidermis. The root extract of Polygonum multiflorum prevents the symptoms of hair breakage and the appearance of early gray hair, and accelerates hair growth and combats seborrhea. Shea butter moisturizes hair, fighting dryness, brittleness and split ends. Prevents damage from heat and sun exposure. Extract of avocado is the conductor of the useful components of the mask Princess Hair into the structure of the hair and upper layers of the skin. A very thin protective coating film protects against the damaging effects of a hostile environment. Complex proteins restores natural health and beauty, giving Shine, softness and volume to hair. A unique combination of vitamins A, E, D, and F work with the hair roots and nourishes the nutrients of the epidermis of the head. The hair begins to grow faster and dandruff and painful fat disappear.

Instructions for use

Before use hair should be washed and thoroughly dry, then immediately apply a Princess Hair, massaging the skin at the roots of the hair and distributing the composition throughout the length of the hair. Hold the mask for at least 5 minutes, wash off with warm water. The course of treatment of 8 weeks, the frequency of use is two to three times a week.

How it works?

The harmful effects of the environment, fluctuations in hormonal levels, genetic predisposition and other reasons can weaken the hair, cause them to break, thin and fall out. Trichologists are in constant search of universal and natural remedies to treat and restore hair mask Princess Hair is recommended as a means of revitalizing hair have different types of women of all ages. So, what are the benefits of this hair mask? Systematically revitalizes the scalp and hair, acting both on the outside (the hair look healthy and silky) and from the inside. Gives hair hydration and nutrition. Stimulates the work of the sleeping hair follicles, restoring them. Improves the process of blood circulation in the epidermis of the head. The tool is comprehensive in its impact on the scalp and hair. Fights dandruff, hair breakage and split ends. Protects from aggressive external environment, including sunlight. Makes hair grow. Ladies, already tested a wonderful tool, confirm the opinion of the developers that mask Princess Hair effective, and this effect is visible after the first application.


Where to buy?

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