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What is it?

Prostatin – This is a complex natural product consisting of capsules and drops, designed to treat prostatitis.


This preparation contains the following components, which have a very beneficial effect on the prostate and ensure its health: 1. Extract of the antlers of the Altai maral. Efficiently reduces the pain that occurs during urination and defecation. 2. Extract the red root. This component has the strongest restoring and toning effect on men, it helps to eliminate infectious and inflammatory processes that provoke changes in the prostate. Extraction of the red root has become the basis of such an important scientific discovery, as Prostinarus cells. 3. Musk beaver. Helps prevent the development of impotence, helps to restore sexual activity and increase the duration of sexual intercourse. Makes ejaculate more mobile, prevents infertility.

Instructions for use

To obtain an effective and lasting result, at least 1 complete course of treatment must be completed - its duration is 1 month. Take Prostatin as follows: Drops: 30 minutes before meals, 15 drops twice a day. Capsules: 1 capsule three times a day, also 30 minutes before meals.

How it works?

Prostatin "is the only modern remedy that has a soft effect on the weakened organism and overcoming the disease regardless of its stage. In addition, the drug prevents the re-emergence of the disease. As confirmed by numerous reviews, "Prostatin" really contributes to complete recovery. According to the manufacturer, this product to increase the potency is made from newly discovered "smart" cells that can very quickly remove inflammation and improve prostate tissue.


Where to buy?

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