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What is it?

To effectively counter dermatological pathologies helps Psoridex natural cream wax from psoriasis. Unlike many pharmaceutical drugs it does not contain hormonal components, chemical compounds, and only provides the integrated therapeutic effect on the affected epidermis. An additional gift when you order innovative tools for external use are herbal drops Psoridex, which eliminates the internal causes unsightly appearance of skin diseases.


Psoridex cream-wax from psoriasis and drops is a combination of natural ingredients beneficial for skin and has powerful antioxidant, wound healing and antimicrobial properties. They penetrate deep into the affected tissue, where stop the reproduction of fungal and pathogenic bacterial flora, heals the deeper layers of the dermis and nourish with nutrients: 1.Bee subpestilence eliminates itching and pain 2.Bee venom eliminates the main inflammatory lesions and relieves redness. 3.Beeswax compensates the lack of vitamins and minerals, activates blood circulation. 4.Pine oleoresin prevents overdrying of the skin and removes dead cells and toxins. 5.Propolis extract has a powerful regenerative properties. It is a storehouse of antioxidants and healthy acids 6.Horse chestnut tones the tissue and promote the production of collagen. 7.Olive oil makes the body and face smooth and silky.

Instructions for use

Remedy Psoridex rubbing the affected areas several times a day. As for the liquid concentrate, drink it for one month twice a day. Disposable dosage — 10 drops. You can drink juice or water.

How it works?

Healing properties stunning complex of innovative and proven multi-stage research and tests. For a long period of time or permanently unpleasant disease disappears or is introduced into lasting remission


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