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What is it?

Rhino-Correct – this is a simple but effective way to repair the nose, due to the soft and painless pressure on the nasal cartilage. The shape of the device resembles a clamp, and the material for its manufacture was soft plastic and orthogel. Langada (the so-called this device) is designed for use in the home. Don’t need to wear it around the clock, enough to wear it on nose only 2 hours a day, 4 times a week. Within 2 months the clip will finish it, and you will just enjoy the results.


Constant use is not detrimental, as the product is made of high quality environmentally friendly materials. Is no itching, discomfort are observed. The skin breathes naturally. Wear concealer and men. It is important to buy Rhino-Correct only from the official manufacturer. A minimum of information has led to the emergence of fakes that are sold at a low price and may harm your health. Unscrupulous manufacturers add products use cheap ingredients and substances that reduce the cost, but much harm. The original company cares about its customers and produces a drug from reliable materials. The product has a quality certificate, which confirms its suitability and useful properties. The manufacturer cares about their reputation, therefore, fully responsible for their product. The company is so confident in the quality and the good result, which gives the guarantee of a refund if the product does not meet all requirements.

Instructions for use

All you need is to take the clip and attach it on the nose to the side of the fixture came in below the middle of the nose and reach to the nose. To obtain excellent results and to make the nose look the way you want it to see the clip you need to use four times a week for two hours. This can be done in the evenings, any convenient for you time. If you strictly adhere to the instructions and to regularly use the clip, then after 14 days you look at yourself in the mirror and just not recognize my reflection.

How it works?

Nozzle effect on biological terms, promoting regeneration of bone tissue. We can say that the nozzle presses on some areas, stimulating blood flow and removing fault. Using this method it is possible to remove the hump. Curvature removed little differently: the nozzle is mounted in a special way. The nasal septum is securely fixed in position. Use Rhino-Correct continuously is not necessary. Enough to wear it 8 hours a day. Regular usage has good effects: in two months will notice the first results. And after more time it is possible to achieve the required shape of the nose, and all will be absolutely painless.


Where to buy?

Official store