Royal Black Mask

Royal Black Mask
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What is it?

Royal Black Mask is a cream mask for the face, cleansing and healing the skin of any type. Beauticians appreciated the quality and efficiency Royal Black Mask highlighting the following advantages:
deep penetration into the pores of the skin and proper cleansing from the inside;
removal of blackheads, acne and greasy dermis of the face;
healthy skin, giving it smoothness and elasticity;
the sedative properties of the mask, removal of redness, inflammation and irritation;
the narrowing of the pores, which hinders the penetration of contaminants;
moisturizing and softening the skin.
The tool successfully passed all necessary clinical tests and trials, compliance with the strict rules dermatological control. According to studies 91% of those who took part in testing of the mask, noted the positive results already after the first use. After 14 days of regular use, 84% of the test persons disappeared acne, blackheads, irritation and inflammation and improved the skin’s appearance. Over a month of testing the skin, 93% of the participants completely recovered and purified, has acquired elasticity, smoothness and healthy colour.


In the production Royal Black Mask uses natural elements premium: 1.Organic charcoal is obtained by burning bamboo. 2.Pro-Vitamin B5. 3.Wheat sprouts. 4.Grapefruit oil. Each of these components has various medicinal properties. Their combination in certain proportions helped to create an efficient tool for the purification and recovery of the skin.

Instructions for use

Before applying the cream-mask Royal Black Mask thoroughly rinse the problem areas of the face. The application of a uniform thick layer. You must avoid falling into the area with the scalp and around the eyes. Half an hour later the mask must be removed smooth circular motions and rinse with water the remnants of the cream from the face. The procedure of applying the mask should be no more than 3 times a week. The course is full of cleansing and healing the skin of the face is 1 month.

How it works?

Absorbent substances of bamboo charcoal penetrate deeper into pores to absorb dirt particles and microorganisms, and then remove them from the skin in the removal process of the mask from the face. In result the skin is cleansed of impurities and purulent formations. Heal skin and reduce inflammation provitamins B5. They also moisturize, soften and smooth the skin. Reinforce this action of biologically active substances of wheat germ, which at the same tone, give the skin elasticity and velvety. Grapefruit oil normalizes the sebaceous glands, tightens pores, prevents acne. Thanks to the deep penetration of the components of the mask in the pores of the skin and clean from the inside out, a health effect is observed already after 2 weeks of regular use Royal Black Mask.


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