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What is it?

Tinedol is a topical remedy, in the form of an ointment for feet, which acts against the fungus, odor and itch that cares for the skin. In the composition of the patented active formula natural components: Climbazole, Farnesol Tinedol, essential oils and vitamins. The manufacturer pays special attention to the novelty and effectiveness of Tinedol, and helps ointment against mycosis of the nails or feet of various etiologies. The facility passed the necessary studies, has a quality certificate


The formula and the active components of the ointment include: Climbazole and Farnesol Tinedol, which kill the fungus; Tinedol contains vegetable essential oils, wax, glycerol, lanolin, to soften the skin of the feet and better penetration of the ointment; Vitamin E - for nutrition, eliminating peeling and long-term moisturizing of the skin; Essential oil of peppermint cools the tired feet, refreshes and gives a pleasant aroma. There is nothing superfluous and expensive ointment, but at the same time this composition is enough to effectively combat the fungus and the unpleasant symptoms that it causes.

Instructions for use

Manufacturers pack the product in convenient tubes, and the box must contain instructions for the use of Tinedol Ointment. If you follow the instructions, the treatment looks like this: Apply the product on the dry skin of the foot 2 times a day. Wipe until completely absorbed. Do not rinse.

How it works?

Each component of Tinedol ointment acts positively on the healing process and significantly accelerates it. The principle of the tool: The skin and nails soften, the penetrating ability increases (the ointment absorbs and acts deeply). This is promoted by lanolin, glycerin and wax, which are part of the product; Horny skin flakes faster, speeding up the process of removing the fungus. The effect is achieved by oils and vitamin E; Cracks heal thanks to the same vitamin E, which means that the fungus does not have time to multiply in them; Irritated skin calms down, itching disappears due to essential oils, which have an anti-inflammatory and cooling effect; Disappears odor due to its blocking and eliminating excessive sweating. The effect is achieved through essential oil of mint; Fungus is destroyed due to two components: Farnezola Tinedol and Klimbazol.


Where to buy?

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