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What is it?

Valgu-correct is a special lining that will prevent the spread of the disease in the cone in the region of the thumb. In the event that the patch is worn constantly, it will allow:
the curved joint will be in its originally correct position;
avoid the appearance of corns;
with considerable deformation, eliminate any unpleasant sensations during walking;
when walking, the fatigue of the legs is significantly reduced;
a painful cone is protected from shoes, especially if the calluses are often formed due to tight shoes;
to reduce the load on the joint affected by the disease.


The retainer is made of elastic gel hypoallergenic material, it does not cause any discomfort.

Instructions for use

Before using Valgu-correct, it is important to carefully read the instructions. Ideally, you should first visit a specialist in a medical institution, it is he who is able to accurately determine the degree of deformation. Also, he will appoint a complex treatment for you, which, if applied simultaneously with a patch, will allow you to get rid of valgus deformity. To achieve the maximum effect of wearing an overlay is recommended at least 6 hours a day, at night a more rigid patch is recommended. If skin irritation of any kind, abrasions or even small scratches develops, Valgu-correct should be used with the utmost care. Contraindication to the use of this lining are fungal diseases of the foot. Care for the gel pad is not difficult to clean, just use warm water and any soap hypoallergenic solution.

How it works?

Valgu-correct consists of only two elements. A thin gel petal reliably and gently adjoins the painful area, protects it from rubbing with shoes, as a result, walking is more comfortable. The insert from the gel roller is located between the middle and the big toe, the affected phalanx thanks to this assumes the correct position. Due to the elasticity of the lining, the patient's joint is fixed as gently and gently as possible, even under physical exertion, a person will not experience any discomfort in the legs due to the cones. The device allows to eliminate any painful sensations for people with any degree of valgus deformation. It is proved that it helps to fight the cone, but only in case of complex treatment, Valgu-correct also prevents its further development.


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