Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer
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What is it?

Waist Trainer is a latex corset designed for weight loss, daily training, lifting and improving your figure, the corset will hide all your shortcomings easily and quickly, and your waistline will be perfect.
The corset is certified, completely safe for health and as shown by clinical trials it several times exceeds analogues, that is, it is out of competition and at the same time you can buy it at a free price on the official website of the manufacturer, we will publish a link to the store below.


The products themselves are produced with the use of elastic latex, which allows you to pull the body from both sides and eliminate the unpleasant feelings that arise during movement and playing sports. The inside is covered with cotton to enhance the comfort of the model. Hooks in three rows, with a reduction in the volume in the belt, allow you not to buy with each lost centimeter a different size, it will be enough to settle the compression by selecting another row with clasps.

Instructions for use

The effect of the product is achieved, even if just wearing a corset during the day, but no more than 9 hours a day. You should start from 1-2 hours. The best result will be if you use it in sports, which will help to better work out the problem areas. Women in the postpartum period to use this model is absolutely safe and even shown. After all, it allows you to reduce the burden on your back and at the same time pulls the stomach, which is achieved by using bandages after the birth of the child.

How it works?

We always try to reduce weight with the help of diets, exhausting physical loads and pills, helping to lose it. It is worth paying close attention to Waist Trainer for weight loss. It will help to give the body a beautiful shape and will lead to a gradual weight loss without the big time costs on your part. After all, it's enough to walk in it, not just play sports. This accessory will help you: Burn excess fat cells. Daily impact on the most problematic parts of the body allows you to acquire those outlines of the figure, which you only had to dream about. Will help reduce the amount of food consumed. Squeezing around the waist will not allow eating foods in the same, familiar volume. Portions significantly reduced. Of course, there are often, but already small volumes. If you remember, it's about this need that all dieticians tell us. Double retraction technology. Thanks to modern materials, the product tightly encircles the back and at the same time pulls the stomach. The main difference from classical models of this kind is the absence of deformation of internal organs and compression of muscles, which makes the corset safe to operate. The possibility of regulating the degree of compression. It has several rows of hooks, so you can choose how many centimeters you "lose" in the waist and at what level of compression you will be most comfortable. Covert wearing under clothes. Due to the material used, the Waist Trainer corset for weight loss can not be seen from the side. Wearing the model allows you to straighten the posture, which helps a woman become even more attractive, to form an "aspen" waist, lose weight without heavy physical exertion and hard diets.


Where to buy?

Official store